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Risk Assessment

We provide comprehensive risk-assessment in the food and beverage field, preventing the possibility of a non-conformity or disputes; we ensure the standards of your business; we monitor the quality of your suppliers and dealers; draw your quality plan; support your import /export activities.

Suppliers evaluation and assessment might be challenging, especially when you are dealing with imports from third countries. While the ultimate legal responsibility for goods lies not only with the producer, but also with the distributor, it is mandatory to adopt all the due logistic strategies to ensure that the quality standard of the imported goods are preserved.  

You need to write an annual quality plan to define on which products you should carry-out random/spot analyses to verify that the technical information provided by your providers are correct, considering eventually additional tests tailored to your customers needs and update your quality standards depending on the needs of your market, internal marketing or regulatory issues. 

TRUSTiCERT provides you technical support through all the due steps, through a risk-assessment process, and to find-out the best solutions tailored to your business.  

Suppliers evaluation

If you want to get quality products you should rely on quality suppliers. 

We can make supply evaluation on your behalf to be sure your suppliers are compliant to the applicable regulations or to the standards you want to reach.

It might seem challenging to find the right business partner as new markets are facing globalization. Selection of the right partner may be the good choice to boost your business but must ensure compliance with relevant regulations and be able to match competitively your market needs.  

If you want to get quality products you should rely on quality suppliers to check the main technical features of the product as well as the product compliance. We provide you with tailored technical support and/or we ensure your staff is properly trained to choose the right partners for your business. More, we can give technical support in preparing exclusive distribution agreements, to ensure that responsibilities – in case of any hidden defects or damages occurred during CIF or FOB transportation, are equally distributed and managed.



The European law on food claims responsibilities of the importer of goods that shall ensure both quality and accordance with laws and regulations in force in the receiving country; complete  traceability of the goods and make sure that consumers or final customers are given accurate information. The importer is responsible for effective customs clearance and to provide the required information, from labelling to technical features, in the language required by the importing country and in accordance with local legal framework.

Our consultancy service will guide you in all the steps, working together with your marketing office, to choose the right claims for your products and will perform the due market analysis to evaluate the best competitive and most competitive products.




We design the quality plan that can meet your requirements, detailing in deep the analysis you should perform on the raw materials that you have bought (which analyses to be performed, on which goods and on which provider) as well as on the goods to be placed in the national and foreign market, as they are or semi-finished. 

This starts from a deep evaluation of the technical data/material provided by the producer and goes through an internal programme of random controls that ensures the legal protection insurance for any hidden-defect or non-compliance. Which are the goods at higher risk? On which kind of analysis you should invest? The analysis is different in import and export procedures and depends on the country that is the final destination of the goods? We provide you comprehensive assistance, optimizing existing resources and achieving the best possible results to meet your market needs.